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It is never to late to become what you could have been

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Time to ENJOY Life

The kids are grown and so is the waistline. You care more about being healthy than your selfie. You want to out-run the grand-kids and simply want to be strong enough to renovate your house without feeling exhausted

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It is all about FAMILY

There is nothing more important than family. You want to set the right example and motivate your kids to enjoy a healthy life style. Even though you haven’t been to the gym for a while, you know that it is never too late. Now is the time for a fresh start.

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Improve your WORK-LIFE Balance

You have been working long hours and your fitness slipping away. You know you can get fit again pretty easy but you just need a good routine and some motivation. You want quick and effective workouts that fill you with energy and get you back into shape

Yes, bring it on

I am now able to achieve things that I truly never thought possible.

Henk and Duran have really helped me reach my goals, in a supportive and friendly environment. They have so much experience and knowledge that makes you feel confident in the exercises. The added bonus is their understanding and passion for nutrition – they always answers my questions which has really helped me along the way. I am now able to achieve things that I truly never thought possible. This confidence has filtered through to all parts of my professional and personal life making me a better employee, wife, friend.

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