Week 1: Thrive At Home

Your Guide

Your Thriving at home E-Book


What is your BHAG

Welcome to the first week of the MarionPT Training Schedule.
In this 3 week program we are going to help you achieve amazing fitness goals
The big question is. Are you ready for it ?

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Your Workouts

The Challenge: 100 workouts before Corona ends

Beginners Level Workout

Gym Workout



I’m not going to tell you to get off your butt and work out. Motivation comes from within.NO ONE WANTS THIS MORE THAN YOU ! So are you ready for your first workout ?

Bring it on

Your Breakfast

Granola yoghurt delight

This recipe is like waking up to a summer breeze. Fresh, delish and healthy. what more do you want ?

How to make it

Your Lunch

Spinach and Egg white wrap

This Spinach and egg white wrap is exactly the lunch you need. Full of protein, fiber and the nutrients you need to recover from your workout

How to make it

Your Dinner

Falafel balls with greek yoghurt

An easy and delicious falafel recipe. Made with protein-packed chickpeas and served with a creamy Greek yoghurt sauce for a satisfying meal!

How to make it

Your inspiration

self esteem

Self-worth vs self-esteem

Self-worth and self esteem are not the same.
Find out what the difference and what you can do to boost it

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August is all about Body-Positivity

August is going to be all about Self Confidence and Positivity. We have brought out a brand new guide to help you celebrate who you are. We believe that if you are confident in yourself that nobody can stop you.

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2 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. SOLUTION Facebook puzzle 18 may 2020: 18

    11 + 11 + 11 = 33
    (4+4) + (4+4) + 11 = 27
    8 x 2 = 16
    2 x 11 – 4 = 18
    22 – 4 = 18

  2. Henk Damiaans

    The solution to our Facebook puzzle on the 14th may is:
    Add the numbers at the left side of the equation. Then, multiply the sum by 2, and subtract 1 to get the number on the right side of the equation.
    5+2=7 7×2=14 14-1 = 13
    9+3=12 12×2=24 24-1=23

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