Time to change

If you scored in this range, it’s important for you to stop thinking and start doing. You’re probably frustrated with the way things are, but you’re afraid that changing the way you do things will cause you more hassle and difficulty than just sitting back, doing nothing, and continuing to look and feel the way you do today. In fact, you’re not alone.

This is most people’s greatest fear: that a new exercise and nutrition program will cause more pain than the pain they feel right now. If this is you, step outside of your shell and seek out some people who are exercising, eating well, getting results, and having fun doing it.

Clearly, millions of people out there are following a healthy lifestyle and loving every minute of it. But thinking that they never had any difficulties to overcome like you do is a mistake. At some point in time each and every one of them had some old set of unproductive habits to discard. Once this was accomplished, they could easily get into the zone. And you can, too. What are you waiting for?

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