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What makes MarionPT so special is that our fitness professionals are more than just body-health trainers, they’re lifestyle coaches. They understand that the study of movement and nutrition can lead to not just bodily health, but vital lessons for living stronger lives.

MarionPT’s personnel promise to get you into the sustainable best shape possible in more ways than strict fitness trainers can:

We provide a range of trainer options, helping you find the perfect trainer to fit your lifestyle and goals.
Our personal training programs don’t just get you sweating off water weight that you gain back later, they are designed to ultimately turn you into your own personal trainer. You can’t guarantee that you’ll have someone pushing you toward fitness your whole life, so we train everyone to learn, love and use our techniques for life. We don’t just teach you how to use a machine, we teach you how to exercise properly to achieve goals, rehabilitate injures and prevent future injuries.
But health isn’t just external physical practice, it’s internal too. That’s why we provide a meal-plan designed specifically for each individual catered to their body and preferences. Whether you eat on the run or cook for a full family, we provide the best meal options for every situation.
Our private studio is designed for personal training and features only top of the range equipment, providing everything needed for any type of workout. Exercise at your pace and don’t worry about sharing or waiting for equipment.

We help you get the maximum results with the least amount of effort.
We know that every person’s time is valuable, so we aim to get everyone who comes in healthier in the least amount of time while motivating and inspiring them to stick to their program.
Our professional trainers are friendly, flexible and experienced, but most importantly, they love a challenge. No matter your starting body type or your goals, our trainers look forward to working with you to achieve them.
Sound too good to be affordable? Check it out for yourself, first consultation is absolutely free. No two people are the same, so we want to assure all potential clients that they can consult our trainers to see what their perfect match can do for them at no cost.


Plus, there are no memberships and no contracts, so you can stop whenever you want. We don’t want people wasting their time or money, so we encourage every participant to pay only for the time they train. We believe that we can deliver results for everyone, making lock-in memberships unnecessary.
We even offer a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the progress you’ve made in the first 2 weeks, we give you your money back. No questions, no hassles. Here at Marion Personal Training, we put you and your goals before ours.

There’s nothing holding you back.
Call or email us today and start feeling better tomorrow.
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More Testimonials

I am a qualified personal trainer myself but choose to see Henk because he is very knowledgeable, practices safe training techniques and brings the ‘personal’ into personal training. The gym is always clean and tidy and equipment well maintained. They are flexible and accommodating I am extremely pleased with the results I have achieved whist training here. He pushes me when I need encouragement and I surprise myself  how strong and fit I am. Nice to have someone believe in you!! I have and will continue to recommend Marion PT to family and friends

Carolyn B, Moana

Marion Personal Training is a great place to work out, The atmosphere is very relaxed and allows you to feel comfortable while working out. On top of that all the trainers are attentive and friendly so you can feel safe.

Morgan T.

I have been training with Marion Personal Training for about 6 months and I have found the friendly and experienced trainers give the place a great atmosphere. I have got some awesome results with my trainer Brady and As a full time student I need their flexibility in scheduling and finance.

Saxon D, Brighton

Marion Pt provides a terrific service, the trainers are very personable, make sure you do the exercise and that the exercise regime suits your fitness level and are always aware of any injuries and sore spots. I feel very comfortable and appreciate all the knowledge and skill that Marion Personal Training Delivers

Leanne W, Warradale 

Marion Personal Training is very committed to get you results. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the trainers are very encouraging, even when things do not go as planned. They are always ready with help, support and solutions

Paul S, Hove