ankle warm up

Ankle Rotations (warm up)

Foot and Ankle Warm Up

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Ankle rotations warm the ankle joints in preparations for driving the ball and performing technical shots from the rough.
Warming the ankle joints is particularly important for the golfer who may have a stiff back, hips or shoulders, as these limitations will result in excessive motion at the ankles to compensate.
If your ankles are not warm, you may not only injure your ankle but also your foot

How to do it

  1. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, place hands on hips and begin to shift weight left and right
  2. As you shift left, let arch of left foot get big and allow foot to roll so weight is on outside edge of left foot and inside edge of right foot
  3. Alternate side to side, letting ankles rotate and feet transfer weight from the inside of the feet to the outside
  4. Repeat at least 10 times each side
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