better body program 6

How are you going with your workouts so far, have you tried the homework(out)?…Of course you did because you are passionate about your goalsIn the final phase of the Better Body Program, we are going to focus a bit more on nutrition.

We all want to look our best especially when the heat forces us to wear less clothes.
So now is the time to get into action and get ourselves into top-shape.

So what can you do?
Did you know that nutrition determines about 70% of your results? I do…. And that is why I decided to go to a nutrition seminar and find out what the latest updates are on this very interesting subject….

Our body has over 100 trillion cells and they all get replaced at some stage in the year. This happens at a rate of 200.000.000 cells a minute.
So needless to say that it is very important to feed our bodies properly.

One of the biggest things that influences our current diet is the amount of pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, artificial colorings and other chemicals that we find in our food.
These chemicals add up to 10 kilo a year for the average person!!!!
Nobody knows exactly how this will effect your health. What we do know is that the body will store these chemicals in fat.
So the more chemicals you get in your diet, the more your body will hold on to fat to store these chemicals.
I also learned that the number of cancer deaths has gone from 50.000 to 300.000 in the last 75 years in the U.S alone. Does this scare you?
Well it scared me and it is reason enough for me to make some changes to my diet.

This is what I did and what you could be doing to minimize exposure to these chemicals.:

  • I started buying organic and found this great website that has a great affordable range:
  • I replaced my sugar with Stevia or honey.
  • I drink only filtered water (did you know that the water coming out of the tap has been urinated at least 5 times!!!)
  • I try to buy food that spoil easily.( Like fruit and vegetables)
  • My eggs are free range and naturally living which means that they are high in B12 ( a vitamin that helps fat metabolism)

Next time I will be providing you with an healthy meal plan to get you really on your way.

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