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Your first day to a better body

Welcome to the first day of your new life.
From this day onwards you will start to get stronger, fitter and feel better about yourself.
Friends and family will complement you on your new found energy and will start to notice how great you look.I am excited to guide you in this journey and I am thankful that you have chosen my program to make all these positive changes in your life.
I am going to show and guide you through the key-concepts that will make your body stronger, fitter and better.No matter what your fitness and health goals are, we all need a strong foundation.There are plenty of exercises, programs and potions to be found on the net that claim to give you the physique you have always wanted. Some of them are good, other are plain dangerous. Unfortunately, there are no magic exercises or pills…
However, there is one magic formula that will give you results every single time.
It is no big secret, in fact it is really simple and I can guarantee it will work every single time. Here it is:
Exercise + Healthy eating habits and food choices = A good looking body
This is exactly why personal training works.  A personal trainer will coach you and keep you accountable.
He or she will make sure that the exercises you do are done correctly and with good form. However getting a personal trainer can often be quite scary.
Programs like “The biggest loser” have put a scary label on personal training. Fact is that most trainers do not train you this way. You shouldn’t’t have a trainer screaming in your ear while you are doing your exercises.  That isn’t’t how I would like to be trained and that is not how I  train my clients.
After all you want a lifestyle change, a routine that you can maintain and enjoy for the rest of your life. Otherwise you might as well join the army reserves right?So what is the rush?
Why not try to make a lasting change and do it 1 small step at a time?
Well, I have good news for you.
You have already taken the first step by participating in this program.
Now it is time to take the second step.
Are you ready for it?……Well we soon find out.
I have attached a little quiz to find out if you are really ready to make a change.
This quiz will be your first assignment for the week. So let’s get started  right away.

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