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It is great to see that you are still with me,
We started this journey by finding out if we are ready to make a change.
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So are you ready to change something about your life right now?I know this goes against popular thought but I’m here to argue that change can happen in an instant. Most people believe that change has to be worked at for months or even years. We expect to try and fail numerous times before we ultimately give up or succeed.How many people do you know who struggle with their weight? They want to make a healthy change by getting in shape, but the change never seems to take hold.Is there something in your life that you want to change? Do you have weight to lose? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you have a pair of pants that you wish you could fit into?

What is keeping you from making a positive change in your life?

According to professional speaker and author, Anthony Robbins, it’s the getting ready to change that takes time. In the end there’s a single instant when the change occurs. Robbins goes on to outline three specific beliefs that you must have in order to instantly create a lasting change.

Belief #1: Something must change.

Do you sort of want to get into shape, or do you absolutely have to lose the weight? Does dropping a few pounds sound nice, or is living another day in your current body unbearable? In order to make a lasting change you must be convinced that the time has come.

Belief #2I must change it.

It is vital that you take full responsibility in making the change. Sure, others may assist you, but in the end you are the one who is going to make it happen. You have to need this change enough to make it your personal mission—no one else will do it for you.

Belief #3: I can change it.

Don’t let past failures get in your way. The truth is that you do amazing things when you put your mind to it. Believe that you are capable of losing weight or making any other positive change in your life.

So are you ready to make the change? I assume you just screamed a loud YES!!
Well here we go, we start off by setting a starting point in the form of an health assessment. I know this can be very confronting but at the same time:
You will need to know where you are before you can find out where you are going.

So today we will start with a small assessment session to give you an indication on where you are with fitness and health. The assessment is easy to do and can be done anywhere.
So what are you waiting for lets get physical.

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