better body program session 4

The only obstacle between you and your goal is action!

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So, where do you start ???

Eating a nutritionally balanced diet and exercising are the keys to long term weight-loss. You probably know this and you might also have figured out that dramatic changes usually won’t last. In fact it is the small changes that make the difference.
This session we are going to start making these small changes.

The only way you can make a lasting change is to hold yourself accountable! So a logical next step is to download a food and exercise diary
The Australian government published a great 12-week diary that you can download for free here

The second step is to start organising an exercise routine
The experts recommend being active for a total of 30 minutes a day on five or more days of the week. This seems like an excellent start for us as well.
So before you start the next session you will have to do at least 2 walks of 30 minutes or longer.

Find a nice walk in the neighbourhood or near your work and record the time it takes you to do this walk in your diary.
you will try to beat this time the next time you do this walk.

In the next session I will show you a great exercise routine that you can do at home that will teach you the basic movements on which all exercises are based.
But first: print your diary and start walking.

It all starts with a small step those steps become a walk and before you know it, you be running towards better health and well-being!!!!

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