better body program session 5

Welcome back I am glad you are still reading this.
This means that you are well on your way to building a great routine.
How was your walk?  Isn’t’t it just so relaxing……

Now before we start with this session, I want you to visualize your goal.

Are you still driven to achieve this? I hope you are because we are going to step it up a little bit.
So we found out that in order to reach our physical goals we will have to be active for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week.
Now there are 2 factors that affect your fitness:

Cardio-training and strength-training.

Your cardio training is basically all training that involves continues movement. This could be walking, swimming, cycling, playing tennis or gym activities such as a step-class , the cross-trainer or the rower.
The major benefit of cardio-training is that you train your heart to supply your body with energy and nutrients.
Cardio training works best with either interval, were you go hard for a minute or so and then catch your breath before you repeat, or with long bursts of 20 minutes or longer.
In your training you will need both for optimum results

The strength training will develop your muscles and will provide you with toned muscles, strong bones and an increased metabolism.
A common misunderstanding is that strength training will bulk up your muscles.
This is not necessarily true.  In fact it will take a lot of effort to get big muscles and you will need to lift heavy weights with very few repetitions (between 5 – 8).
If you want your muscles to stay lean and have more of an athletic look, stick to 12-15 repetitions, 2 to 3 sets end relatively short rests.  This will increase your metabolism and burn unnecessary fat and get you the most health benefits.

Remember, this is the foundation for your fitness life. you are not going to break speed records or trying to get as muscular as you can be.  You simply want to set up an easy exercise routine that will get you the maximum health benefits. So you can be exactly that…Healthy.

Alright, having said that, let get into action !!

Here is your routine: 3 cardio sessions and 2 strength training sessions a week.
The cardio-sessions will simply be 3 walks of 30 minutes (write them down in your logbook)

For the strength training I have developed a routine that uses all muscles group and that you can do from home. This easy exercise routine will give you a strong core and build a foundation for whatever fitness training you and the best thing is… can do it from your couch (No kidding).

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