What is your BHAG

Welcome to the first week of the MarionPT Training Schedule.

In this 3 week program we are going to help you achieve amazing fitness goals.  How are we going to do this ?
By taking it 1 day at a time. It is actually very simple. Just come back every day and we will have your fitness day planned out for you. Including…. well…
Pretty much everything. We will have your daily workout ready for you, a selection of healthy meals, we even provide you with resources that helped us to create a healthy mind set.

The big question is. Are you ready for it ?

If you set yes than lets talk about your BHAG’s. What is that? Simple – Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. 🐻🐻

These are the kind of goals that get you REALLY excited – the type that you might be scared to admit out loud to anyone. They are loud, confident, and force you to step way outside your comfort zone… often for an extended period period of time, because they can take months or even years to accomplish.

This week we’re going to do a little dreaming about BHAGs. Are you in?

BHAGs can be fitness related, like running a marathon, completing a triathlon or finishing an obstacle course race.

They also can be personal – like buying a new house or writing a book – or career-related, such as hitting a financial benchmark or getting a major promotion.

Whatever they are, BHAG’s set you on fire when it comes to motivation. 🔥🔥

Sometimes setting a BHAG can be just what you need to take yourself to the next level, because it forces you to see the bigger picture.

It also likely will require you to set a series of smaller goals along the way, because each is an important step on your way to the big goal.

So are YOU ready?! Be brave. Let yourself dream big!

Let’s have a little fun. Share your BHAG with us in a comment below!! 

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