Meal plans that make you look good

The fastest way to lose weight is through proper diet.

That is not an overstatement or any kind of fluffy hype. Many trainers try to sell people on instant fat loss workouts, but they don’t back it up with supportive nutrition.

In reality, diet accounts for easily more than half – though probably more like 80% – of your fat loss success.

But there is one major problem most people have: knowing what to eat.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret… HEALTHY EATING IS EASY.

It’s easy, but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean everyone can do it. It takes effort and a desire to change your behaviours for good.

It will not require overly restrictive diets. It does not require loyalty to a specific brand of weight loss supplement. There are no pills or magic potions.

In all honesty, fat loss and clean eating both start with common sense. People too often want to be fed a quick fix, but you already know what it takes to eat right.

You need protein, for one, and you need fruits and vegetables. Just add water, and you’re almost there.

Of course, getting yourself to the point where you can take diet recommendations and incorporate them into your everyday life is a little harder than that.

That’s where this guide comes in. This collection of meal plans and recipes will show you that it is easy to put a healthy day of eating together and that, with the right recipes, it is not hard to make your own fat-burning nutrition plan.

The secret to a good meal plan

I am going to be honest with you, I am not a good cook. You will never see me on master chef or hear me bragging about grandma’s recipes. But this book is not about creating meals that are deliciously complicated. This is about looking and feeling good.
I have a ton of clients that work their butt of in the gym but their nutrition is holding them back from getting the results that they really want.
It is not easy preparing your meals each day, especially when most recipes you find don’t meet the criteria to be healthy. They are either full of sugar, low in protein or take an hour to prepare.

That why I started collecting healthy recipes that are not only fast and easy to make but are also:

  • Low GI to balance out your sugar levels
  • Low calorie but full of nutrients
  • Plenty of protein to build and protect muscle
  • And actually, taste good

Most of all, I wanted it to be QUICK & EASY

because lets face it, an hour of cooking each day……

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The secret to a good meal plan is that it is easy and flexible.

That is why the meal plans in this book use plenty of low calorie, well-balanced options that you can easily swap around. You can easily remove a meal, if for example, you went for a coffee with a friend and splurged out a little.
The goal is not to restrict your life style for a quick diet-fix but rather to create a balance that is maintainable with results that last.

There are 4 of my best meal-plans included in this book to get you started.
I have also added 2 blank templates blank so you can create your own meal plan. We are all different after all and you want to stick to the recipes you like.

So if you to feel stronger, fitter and more youthful than ever before. Then start eating right with the help of this book. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with the result.
And if for some reason you aren’t happy, just send me an email and I will give you a full refund.

After all, my main goal is to make you happy and healthy.



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