Shoulder exercises

Front Raises

Standing Front Raises The Front Raise is an exercise designed to strenghten the shoulder and core muscles Movements Shoulder: FlexionScapula:RetractionElbowextension Muscles Anterior Deltoid  Trapezius Core Latissimus Dorsi Pectoralis minor Close gripWide grip The Front Raise is an interesting exercise as it mainly targets the front delt, which some might argue is already heavily used during …

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Side raises

Side Raises The Side Raise is an exercise designed to strengthen the shoulders Movements Shoulder: Abduction/AdductionScapula:RetractionElbowextension Muscles  Lateral Deltoid  Trapezius Supraspinatus Close gripWide grip The side raises (also known as lateral raises) is great exercise to give your shoulders more definition. There are very few exercises that work the lateral delts as much as the …

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upright row

Upright Row The Upright Row is an exercise designed to strenghten the shoulder and upper back muscles Movements Shoulder: abduction Scapula: Retraction Elbow Flexion Muscles Supraspinatus  Deltoid Trapezius Rhomboids Biceps Brachii Close gripWide grip The upright row can be a dangerous exercise if not performed properly. The biggest risk is with people that have rounded …

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