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Golf is a great game it is enjoyed by all ages and becoming one of the fastest growing sports in Australia with memberships continuing to rise and competition Rounds continue to increase. A study from the GolfLINK showed, a rise of 1.5% to 10,321,659 in 2018, consistent with a five-year trend. The average competition rounds per member in 2014 was 25.6; that had risen to 26.9 by 2018.

A Golfer will do what it takes to continue to lower their handy caps and you want to keep your body strong and stable to avoid injuries and physical setbacks that can easily detract from your golf game.

What golfers are now discovering is that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does! The only way to achieve a lower handicap is to improve the function of the golfer: the person who swings the club!

The golf swing is a complex, explosive, and physically stressful action, and you must prepare your body to both produce and withstand the forces required for powerful drives. You can improve several important aspects of your swing through functional fitness training that should significantly increase your driving distance.

Let us take you through our 4 phase Conditioning program that will enhance your playing ability and reduce your injury risk, and also improve every part of your game.

What this program will do for you:

  1. You will increase your club swing range by improving your joint flexibility.
  2. You will increase your club swing speed by developing your muscle strength.
  3. You will increase your club swing power by training your dynamic postural balance and segmental coordination.

Improving your golf game through better physical fitness is what this program is all about. With you including the combination of regular cardiovascular activity and appropriate nutrition. The primary focus, however, is on safe, sensible, effective and efficient exercises designed specifically for golfers. These progressive fitness components include flexibility for full swing mechanics; strength for maximum distance and control; postural stability for a consistent swing plane; coordination for power transfer and skill execution; and the complete golf conditioning program.phase