The Hollywood Treatment

Have you ever wondered how those Hollywood stars stay in shape
or dreamed how much you could achieve if you only had your own personal coaches to help you?

Well this is your chance to participate in a revolutionary lifestyle program!
Are exclusive Hollywood Treatment is exactly that. You will get a team of professional qualified trainers and nutritionists to help you turn your life around.

No more guessing what to eat or what to do, we will do all the thinking for you.
This unique collaboration between Marion Personal Training and Prosperity Nutrition will ensure that you have both a trainer and a nutritionist to coach you to a lifestyle that will make your skin glow and your friends say WOW.

So are you ready to have people help you get the body you want, at a price you can afford.

If your answer is yes, then the 10 Week Hollywood Treatment is what you need!

We have developed this program after weeks of research with one-on-one clients and getting amazing results. Now we’re ready to make it available to the public!

Register Now for the Hollywood Treatment and can get this complete package for only $85 per week

  • 10 week plan includes
  • Daily coaching
  • 20 PT sessions
  • Personalized meal-plan
  • 1 on 1 nutrition coaching
  • Fitness assessments
  • Your personal app to view your progress and workouts
  • and much more

You will be getting the professional training and direction you always needed! Losing weight on your own can be hard, but once you learn the trade from someone you will be able to get to your goal weight in no time!

Just imagine looking in the mirror and finally liking what you see….being able to dress how you like, being more confident in yourself! Wouldn’t that better your life?

Just imagine never feeling fat or unhealthy again. With our help, after 10 weeks you will be able to build a sustainable weight loss to last you a lifetime!

Other programs have you pay them thousands of dollars for the same amount of time, and include grueling workouts which ask for a huge time commitment on your part…not to mention they don’t include the nutritional guidance you need to make it count!

Ready to finally get the body you want? To be happier, healthier, better looking and more confident?

Treat yourself with the Hollywood Treatment. Spots are limited, register today!

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