The Trainers

The Trainers behind MarionPT

Meet Henk and Duran. With many years of experience, a fun-loving attitude and some kick-ass training routines, you will be sure to love their training sessions. They will help you correct posture, improve your core strength and get your fitness to the desired level.

They believe that every workout should be fun and that it should push you within your own level of comfort.

Always giving 110% into everything, they are very passionate about what they do and want their clients to have fun while reaching their goals. The dedication and time that they will put in will be second to none as they are here to help and guide you to achieve amazing results

With a special focus on weight loss, sports and core conditioning, group training and nutrition coaching, you will get started on the right path and Henk and Duran will provide you with the tips and motivation you need to stay on track. They put in the hard work behind the training to provide you with a tailored eating and exercise program to suit your needs.

The main thing that sets us apart is that we work as a team rather then individual trainers under the same roof. This means you won’t get the knowledge of just one trainer but two !
and with many years in the industry that add up to a lot. 

But don’t just take our word for it, come and try us out so you can see for yourself.

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