Our Hygiene Protocol

This is how we keep our gym clean and our clients safe!!

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Before you leave home
  • Make sure you have washed your hands
  • Packed a Clean Towel
  • Brought Water
  • Packed a Snack or Protein for after session if needed
When you arrive at the studio

Make sure you use the provided hand sanitizer to clean your hands

During The Worout
  • Use a towel and make sure you use the same side up when you change equipment.
  • We have clean towels in the studio that you can use if you have forgotten your towel (or if we believe your towel is to small)
  • Don’t worry about putting your weights away.
    The weights stay out until they are sanitized before we put them back
  • We will keep contact to a minimum, you just have to get used to air high-fives
After your workout

All touched surfaces will be cleaned before the next session starts.

The trainer will use hand sanitizer between clients

There are disinfectant wipes near the cardio in case clients arrive early  and would like to use the cardio equipment.

You can always ask the trainer to quickly wipe any equipment before you get on it

End of workday

All equipment gets cleaned with a disinfectant and all cleaning cloths will be put in boiling water

Other things to consider

We are only a small gym providing mostly 1 on 1 training.

We can keep 1.5 meter social distancing between clients

We are not a heavy traffic area. so you can feel safe that we can stay on top of our hygiene protocol

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