Jane Fonda’s

Lateral Leg Raises

The Lateral Leg Raise is an exercise designed to strengthen the Glutes

The lateral leg raises (or as we call them…Jane Fonda’s) is an exercise that will help you to strengthen the hip muscles, specifically the Glute Medius. Now if you are have trouble activating this muscle, >> this is a great youtube video to help you out <<.By training the glutes and espcially the Glute Medius you  decrease the change of hip and knee injuries.

How to do it

  • Keep one side of your body in contact with the ground, particularly from hip to ankle.
  • Rest on your elbow, but ensure your back is in line with your legs and not leaning forward.
  • Keeping your core muscled tight, lift your upper leg approximately 45 degrees, keeping the toes pointing forward
  • lower it in a controlled, smooth manner.

Exercise Tips:

  1. Prevent the toes pointing to the ceiling, lift the heel up instead
  2. Place your hand on the tup of your butt and try to feel the glute muscles working
  3. Pull your toes up towards your shin

Alternative Exercises

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