demonstration of the leg-press

Leg Press

Leg Press

The Leg Press is an exercise designed to strengthen the Leg Muscles 


(Partial) extension (depending on the position of the bench)

demonstration of the leg-press

The Leg Press is a great exercise for training the legs. The beauty of this exercise compared to a Squat is that you can start lower than your own bodyweight. Therefore people with knee problems can often start their rehabilitation process on the leg press before moving on to the squats. For more advanced users it is often used to “Finish Off” the legs. It is a lot safer to push the legs to failure when you don’t have to worry about being crushed by the weight you are lifting

How to do it

– Make sure you sit in the seat so that both your hips and your shoulder blades are touching the seat

– Place feet on footrests with knees bent (Aim for a minimum of 90 degress bent in the knee)

– Push your chest up and try to pull your belly in towards your spine to activate core muscles

– Activate your pelvic floor muscle like the way you do when you are bursting to go to the toilet (but can’t because somebody is already in there and taking way to long)

– Keep your shoulders low at all times

– Keep feet on footrests .

– Slowly return to the start position.

Exercise Tips:

  1. Your back must remain straight at all times and your torso should be kept still throughout the entire set.
  2. Don’t let your shoulders hunch over or let your hips lift of the seat
  3. Try to push though your heels and not your toes
  4. Pausing and squeezing at the end of the movement for a 1-2 count will increase intensity and results.

Alternative Exercises

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