Level Up


Have you got what it takes ?

What is the level up Challenge ?

What if we looked at our life as if it was a game and each challenge that we face will add a level of experience.

What if we stopped focusing on the amount of weight we lose and start rewarding ourselves for the skills we learn and the effort we put into our workouts  Wouldn’t that be so much more fun?

This was the thought that came to mind when I created this challenge. Here is how it works:

We start at a beginners level, simple exercises that are easy to learn but can still challenge you. No matter how fit you are.
For example: a bench-press is a relative easy exercise to learn.
The intensity of the exercise is mainly determined by the weight you press. You can make it as easy as 1kg or as hard as 500kg (which is the current world record  set by Tiny Meeker on december 14, 2013)
In other words: The exercise can challenge a beginner as well as the most trained athlete.
However not all exercise are as easy to do as the bench-press, some exercise are a bit more complicated in movement or harder in intensity. 
These exercises require a certain level of experience and strength to be done correctly.

This is where the level up challenge comes in. The program starts with exercises that are relatively easy to learn and can be done by most people. That is not to say that the workouts are easy. Like I said before, the intensity is up to you. You are the one that determines the weight you press and how hard you push yourself.  

The program is divided into days and have a daily workout, meal suggestions and articles to read to help you make the most of each day.

The workout are easy to follow and each exercise can be clicked on to find a detailed explanation and video to teach you how the exercise is done and how you can modify it, if necessary.

I recommend that you study each exercise before you start the workout so when you hit the gym you know what you are doing. I realize it can be a bit daunting at the beginning.
However, I believe that if you are serieus about getting fit, you have to invest in what you are doing. Simply doing a few workouts that you find in a magazine is not going to cut it.

Don’t worry, you find you will get better with practice and the better you get at performing the movements, the more you will enjoy the workouts.
You literally will become your own trainer.

After you done the workouts for a couple of weeks, you be ready to move up a level and add some harder exercises to your repertoire.
Each level will bring you new challenges in the form of exercises, meals and skills.

So give it a go. The first level is completely free of charge !

Are you ready to level up your life ?

What to expect from level 1

Goal:                   Pre-training the body – using body weight, fixed weight machines and dumbbells
System:              simple-sets – body weight and light weight (where applicable)
Workouts:          up to 6 per week
Speed of lift:      1:2
Rest:                    As indicated in the workouts

Level 1 is designed to prepare your body for the levels to follow. The sessions increase your ability to lift and crucially strengthen soft tissue, so as to minimise injury risk. We have included a number of body weight exercises – in line with the preparatory aim of this level these are designed to develop preliminary strength and prepare you for the heavier work to follow.
We also focus on your core, with the plank, crunch and other core exercises included in the workouts. This is because it’s important to condition your self against potential injury. The core functions a bit like a transmission between your legs and arms and a weakness in this area can affect your ability to progress due to increased injury risk. Don’t rush into going heavy, the program is specifically designed to build muscle and strength progressively.

The Cardio sessions are designed to provide a base of fitness, which will boost your recovery during your weights workouts in the subsequent levels. 

Good Luck