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One of the most transformational moments of my own fitness & wellness journey was when I realized how EVERYTHING is connected.
Your workouts are connected to your sleep (recovery!) which is connected to your hunger (hormones!) which is connected to your stress (more hormones!) which is connected to your brain … well, you get the picture.

And connected to ALL of that (and your results!) is the health of your digestive tract and the trillions of organisms that live inside it.

Those bacteria help transform everything you eat into valuable micronutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters and more – to keep you healthy and thriving!
It’s a brand-new area of research that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about in the future, and that’s why I created my latest ebook, the “Gut Health Guide & Recipe Manual.”

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When your gut is happy and healthy – YOU feel healthier and happier!
When it’s out of balance, it’s hard to function optimally since it affects so many of your body’s systems (even your mood).
The ebook outlines the basics of gut health in an easy-to-digest (ha!) format and also includes recipes to feed your gut the foods it loves, including:

  • Prebiotics – foods with special fibers that survive the trip through your stomach to feed the healthy bacteria that live in your small intestine.
  • Probiotics – fermented foods rich with healthy good-for-you bacteria to help keep the “bad” bacteria in check.

It also contains recipes for quick & easy breakfasts, make-ahead lunches, and power bowl dinners!

I’m excited to share this valuable resource with you!

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