Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch (side flexor)

Neck Stretch

Increase your flexibility through your neck and shoulders

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To test your neck side flexion, Stand in front of a mirror and slowly tip your head to the side, bringing your ear to your shoulder.
Imagine pouring water out of your ear onto your shoulder
With a good flexibilty you should be able to tilt your head 25 to 40 degrees

How to do it

  1. Sit with good upright posture. Grab Chair with anchor hand to create gentle tension in shoulder and neck
  2. Place opposite hand over head and onto ear
    Gently move head away from anchored hand until a slight stretch is felt in the neck
  3. Breath in. Gently press head into hand and at the same time press hand gently against head; Head will not actually move
  4. Relax and repeat
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