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Get into the best shape of your life in 60 day or your money back

This announcement is for anyone in the Marion area who wants to get their body in great shape in the next 60 dayswithout dieting… without suffering… without spending a lot of time or money… and without taking any risk whatsoever.

It’s possible! And you don’t need to be a “fitness fanatic” to get into great shape. Most of our clients are business people, professionals, and parents who need a quick way to get in top shape and stay that way. With my super-effective exercise program, all it takes is 2 or 3 hours a week in my exercise studio and you can…


Glenelg personal training

Ask our clients: They work out smarter, not harder. They achieve their goals in minimum time, and they enjoy all the “secondary” benefits that come with being in great shape, particularly good health.

We are so confident that we can get you the results you want in the next 60 days, we are giving you a No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. But first, let me introduce our self and explain…


We are Henk and Duran and we are full-time Personal Trainers with years of experience in functional and science based training. For the last decade  we’ve helped countless people locally—and we’ve perfected a unique, almost “miraculous” training method that is rapidly being recognized as the fastest way possible to achieve the body you want… and do it without a lot of hassle.

The main benefit of our programs is that they are highly efficient. That means I can produce results in half the time it would take you on other exercise programs. In fact, it won’t even take you the full 60 days to feel the results. Our clients get noticeable results—feeling years younger—within the first 30 days.

And, because you’ll be training sensibly, your results endure. You won’t experience the brutal body breaking madness you see with other PT”s


100moneyback-3We are so confident that we can get you in great shape quickly and easily, we are backing up our promise with an unprecedented MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. It’s this…

Join us for just 3 sessions a week in my exercise studio. Follow my program properly. If, after 60 days, you aren’t absolutely delighted with the way your body looks and feels, I will give you 100% of your money back, right on the spot.

I can make this guarantee because I know I’ll get you in tip-top shape in the next 60 days. Just follow my simple training program, plus the enjoyable eating strategy I’ll design for you, and that new body is yours before you know it!


Women: Want to lose excess fat and Develop good muscle tone? Tighten up the backs of your arms, legs, tush, or chin? My program lets you achieve those objectives in the shortest time possible. You’ll be wearing a smaller dress in no time, and enjoying all the compliments you’ll receive on your new figure!

Men: Lose that gut and develop great physic… feel stronger, more energetic… and feel amazing. Fill out the shoulders in your shirts and coats—and look forward to taking your shirt off at the beach or swimming pool!

No matter what, we can help you achieve your goals in just 60 days, in only 3 sessions a week! Just ask any of my satisfied clients in Tulare about the results they’ve achieved on my program.


You don’t need to accept being overweight or out of shape. Now you can do something about it—and succeed!

If you’ve tried everything else, we guarantee you’ll be overjoyed when you experience my proven exercise system and my personal guidance during each and every workout session!

The only way you won’t get results is if you don’t show up for your workouts. And not only do you take zero risk, but now you can get my result-producing program at a specially reduced rate!


How much does all this cost? Very little! We have fine-tuned our program so that we can deliver a unique combination of group and personal training sessions for just $75 dollar a week. You will get 2 group sessions were you train with a small group of 4 or 5 like minded people PLUS for a limited time you will get 1personal training session a week where you get a personal trainer all to yourself!

So you get an incredible 3 days a week for just $75. That’s just $25 per workout, whereas other trainers in town charge as much as $75 for just one hour.


Unless I’m wrong, you want an exercise program that will get you in great shape FAST!

The best way is to have a personal trainer guiding you through each workout. You won’t waste time standing around, wondering what to do next. As a MarionPT client, you get fast, efficient workouts that give you the results you want… NOW!

 Only 10 openings


Since my schedule is almost full, I can accept only 10 new clients right now. To make sure you’re one of the lucky people to get in, I highly recommend that you sign up now, or you might miss out!


I’d hate to have to turn you away, so I urge you to book today. Just use the button below to book in your free consultation. You be able to check out our studio and talk to us personally about your specific goals and needs. You will even get your first 2 week training plan completely free and that is yours to keep, whether you continue or not.

So give book  right now.…




Remember: If I don’t get your body into excellent shape within the next 60 days, it won’t cost you a penny. All the risk is on our shoulders. But I know our training program will work for you—or we wouldn’t make such an offer.

That’s all for now. I look forward to meeting you and getting you started toward a healthier, more beautiful body!

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I commenced at Marion Personal Training in July 2012.
My trainer is very supportive and has pushed me when required to enable me to achieve my goals.
My fitness and strength has improved immensely. Henk and all the team are very welcoming and encouraging making Marion Personal Training a great place to work out.
If you are looking for a friendly team, a well equipped gym and a great place to achieve your fitness goals then Marion Personal Training is the place to go!

Jenny, Warradale

I would recommend Marion Personal Training to anyone. There is no two sessions that are the same, so you never get bored! Its hard work but loads of fun and at a really affordable price!
Henk and Duran are so friendly and welcoming and really make you feel comfortable while working out. I am loving my sessions each week!

 Jane, Glenelg

Amazing place to workout.
Henk and his team are very friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend Marion PT to anyone looking to get back into training or to learn more about nutrition and fitness.
The one on one session gave me the confidence to start again after years of procrastination. Go see them today you won’t regret it, start the new year feeling fitter and happier

Rob, Camden Park

Henk and Duran have really helped me reach my goals, in a supportive and friendly environment. They have so much experience and knowledge that makes you feel confident in the exercises.
The added bonus is their understanding and passion for nutrition – they always answers my questions which has really helped me along the way.
I am now able to acheive things that I truly never thought possible. This confidence has filtered through to all parts of my professional and personal life making me a better employee, wife, friend.

Mathilda, Ascot Park

I’ve been going to Marion Personal Training for almost 2 years and I leave every session fitter, more motivated and with more energy ready to attack the day ahead. Book a session, you won’t regret it.

Mark, Blackwood

Marion PT is AWESOME! There is no other word for it!
I have been going to see Henk at Marion PT for about 18 months now and i really enjoy it.
I started going because I was having some health issues and the regular training has really helped get me back on track. Henk tailors the exercises to suit your specific needs and your ability which is great.
Love it! and would definately recomend Marion PT to anyone.

Mel, Hallet Cove

What can you say bout Marion PT – Look up ‘Personal Training Legend’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Henk!
Marion PT gets results and that’s not even the best part… The best part is the friendly environment and the totally tailored training routines. Henk and his team are the only choice of PT’s south of Adelaide.
(BTW – Marion PT did not pay me for this review and it is highly likely that if Henk reads it he will still not go easy on me at our next session!)

Mike, Hallet Cove

Henk has been my personal trainer for nearly 2 years, with his help and encouragement I have kept injury free and enjoy my training sessions with him twice a week. I have become stronger through weight training and my fitness levels have increased. I have maintained my weight loss and feel more confident about myself. Henk is always keen to answer any fitness queries and provide info. Dee is also an excellent trainer there and they both encourage you to step beyond your abilities which makes you feel you can achieve anything

Kim, Kingston Park