Phase 2

Warm Up

Neck/Trunk Trainer

This is a great mobility exercise for in your warm up


1) Stand naturally and raise right arm in front of you, as though pointing in the distance
2)Keep feet firmly planted and rotate trunk, reaching around to the right as far as possible without moving your feet.
3) Rotate your head in opposite direction to your arm

Shoulder Rotators Stretch

This is a great Flexibility exercise for in your shoulder


1) Close a door and grasp the doorknob behind your back
2) Keeping trunk upright and bending knees, slowly lower yourself until you feel a stretch in your shoulder
3) Stop, inhale and gently pull downward on the doorknob 4) Hold pressure for 5 seconds, then exhale and lower further to comfortably increase the stretch

* Do not do this stretch if it is to painful

Round 1 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Step Ups

This is a great exercise for core, balance and strength development providing you control the movement both and the way up and down

How to do it

1) With good upright posture, place one foot on step and gently draw belly button in towards the spine
2) Step up onto the step using a moderate pace
3) Keep the knee directly over the second toe and your hips level at all times

Medicine Ball Power Swing

This is a power movement to increase the power of your swing

How to do it

1) Stand in address position holding a light medicine ball
2) Gently draw in belly button inward
3)Perform a normal backswing, downswing and follow through motion
4) At the top of the follow-through, reverse direction as if golfing in the other direction.

* Maintain a perfect golf swing throughout this exercise, visuaize performing your best drive with every rep in both direction.

Horse Stance Horizontal

This is an exercise designed to improve strength and stability through the core, while at the same time it works on the mobility of the shoulder

How to do it

1) On all fours, line up wrists directly below your shoulder and knees directly below each hip. Turn elbows inward so they are pointing towards your thighs.
2) Place dowel rod along the spin and bend your elbows until the rod is parallel to the ground (The rod should touch back of head, upper/mid back and tailbone
3) Gently draw in belly button inward and hold this position throughout the exercise. Do NOT flatten your back but maintain a natural curve
4) Raise one arm so that it is horizontal to the floor and pointing 45 degrees from body, simultaneously raise opposite leg until horizontal to the floor
5) Hold for 10 seconds

Round 2 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Multi-Directional Lunge

An exercise to improve your overall body strength

How to do it

1) Hold a Barbell across the shoulder, or if you lack the flexibilty, hold a Dumbbell in front of the chest with both hands.
2)Stand in good upright posture, draw belly button in and step forward into a lunge with the left leg. Drop the back knee as far as possible to the floor.
3) Push back from the front leg and return to starting position.
4) Repeat movement in a 45 degree angle but keep your hips facing forward
5)Repeat one more time stepping back in a reverse lunge
6) Repeat same 3 movements on the other side

Medicine ball bouncing wood chop

An explosive exercise to improve power and coordination

How to do it

1) Stand sideways to a solid wall with a stance slightly wider than shoulder width
2)Hod a bouncing Medicine ball in both hands and assume address position
3)Coil body into back-swing position, then quickly and rhythmically move into down swing position, The iinstant you change directions, gently draw belly button in towards spine.
4) As arms accelerate towards the floor, release the ball diagonally. The ball should bounce from the floor to the wall and back to you

Prone Cobra

An exercise to condition the back extensors and improve posture

How to do it

1) Lie face down on a comfortable surface or mat, arms resting at sides.
2) slowly raise upper torso off ground. At the same time squeeze shoulder blades together and rotate hands outward until facing opposite walls. Do not extend neck or look up
3) Hold for 30 seconds and return to starting position

End of workout

Dont forget to stretch and cool-down

Phase 4: Golf

In the final phase of our golf program we will be using all the techniques we learned prior and continue to focus on our strength

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