Phase 3

Hip and Pelvis Integrator

This is a very valuable exercise for the golfer because it not only loosens the spine, it mobilizes the pelvic girdle and sacroiliac joints. A mobile spine and pelvis are essential to good timing, rotation, coil and power generation


1) Lie on your back with left arm at your side and bend left knee.
2)gently press left foot into ground-just enough to overcome the resistance of gravity against the pelvis- barely lifting left buttock off the floor.
2) Relax pressure of foot on floor, repeat 10-20 times, progressively rolling pelvis forward and lifting a little more of spine off the ground with each rep.
3) With each rep, allow hips to open up, as you progress through set, chest will also begin opening up, be careful to relax and use minimal energy

Waiters Bow Test

1) Standing in good upright posture, grab a horizontal pinch of skin on lower back directly opposite of your belly button.
2) Hold the other arm out like a waiter serving wine
3) Hold your knees straight and slowly bend forward from the hips holding the pinch of skin
4) Stop when you feel the pinch of skin slide out from your fingers
*Normal range of movement is about 50 degrees

How to stretch

1) Stand with feet close together and parallel, legs straight and buttocks out to create a curve in the lower back
2) Bend forward from hips, maintaining curve in lower back, visualize buttocks pointing towards the ceiling
3) Stop when you feel stretch in back of legs (hamstrings) and hold for 20 seconds

Round 1 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Reverse Wood Chop

This exercise is designed to increase the core strength and the power in your golf swing

How to do it

1) Adjust the height of the cable machine so it is low to the floor 2) Stand sideways to the column with stance slightly wider than shoulder width.
3) Bend knees, grasp handle with hand furthest from coumn and place other hand over it. Keep the chest held high and do not round your back, about 70% of your weight is on the leg closest to the column
4) Initiate the movement by straightening the leg closest to the column and swithcing your weight from one leg to another.
5) At the same time, Pull your shoulders back and move your straight arms diagonally across your body and pulling the handle to roughly ear height above your shoulder

Jack Knife

This is an exercise designed to improve the strength of your core and to improve shoulder stability. You can modify the intensity of this exercise by placing the ball closer of further away from the knees Or by performing the movement with one leg in the air to make it even harder

How to do it

1) Roll out over a swiss ball, walking hands away from the ball and leaving lower legs and feet on the ball
2) Holding head, neck and back in alignment, draw belly button gently in towards the spine
3) Bending at knees and hips, take 2 seconds to draw knees up underneath you. Make sure the lower back stays in its natural curve and does not sag towards the floor or flex to the ceiling.
4) Return to starting position

Cross body Tricep Extension

This is an exercise designed to improve strength and stability through the core and shoulder

How to do it

1) Adjust the handle to chest height and attach a rope
2) Standing sideways grasp the rope with the hand furthest away from the column
3) Hold the rope so that your hand is facing palms down and elbow held high.
4) Pull arm across your body, simultaneously moving from shoulder and elbow joints until arm is extended out to side.
5) Slowly return to starting position

Round 2 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Dead Lifts

This is a full body strength exercise.

To learn to properly deadlift, start with the bar on an elevation so you don't have to bend that deep

How to do it

1) Stand with feet hip-width apart or wider and shins against the bar, Grip bar just outside knees and turn your elbows back towards your body
2) Hold head so that neck is in alignment with spine, keeping chest held high and shoulder blades gently squeezed together
3) Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and draw belly button towards spine.
4)Push your butt up in the air and tighten your lower back muscles
5) Lift the bar up by pulling your chest up, as the bar passes your knees, stand tall with your chest up high and your shoulders slightly pulled back
6)Breathe again and draw belly button inwards. Slowly lower the bar by bending at the hips until it passes the knees. Then bend knees to finish

Medicine Ball Sit-Up Pass

This is an exercise designed to increase the power in your core. If you haven't got a partner you can try this exercise against a wall or you can use a rebounder (Trampoline that can be adjusted in the angle)

How to do it

1) Lie over a swiss ball or bosu with head and the bottom of your spine comfortably resting on the ball
2) Hold a medicine ball above your head and draw belly button in towards your spine.
3) With a quick motion, sit up and toss the ball towards partner/wall/rebounder
4) Catch the ball as it passes back over your head and lie back on the swissball/bosu at the same time
5) repeat

Kneeling on a swiss ball

An exercise to improve your balance and postural awareness

How to do it

1) Place hands firmly on the swiss ball, gently rest your knees against the ball and slowly rock forward until you are balancing on ball with hands and knees
2)When comfortable, slowly attempt to raise yourself up to kneeling position.
3) Balance on ball for as long as possible and when you got the hang of it, try to mimic a golf swing to further challenge your balance

End of workout

Dont forget to stretch and cool-down

Phase 4: Golf

In the final phase of our golf program we will be using all the techniques we learned prior and continue to focus on our strength

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