Phase 4

Hip Rotations

Hip rotations are an easy, but effective way to warm up the pelvis area through many different directions


1) Standing with feet shoulder width part, place hands on hips, just above your pockets.
2) Begin to rotate hips in circles, making sure you complete as smooth a circle as possible
3) Begin small and progressively getting larger over the span of 12-15 hip rotations
4) reverse direction andrepeat another 12-15 reps

Trunk/ Lower Back Stretch

This is a great stretch when you feel tight in the lower back

How to stretch

1) Lie down flat on your back and pull your Left knee in, so that you have a 90 degree angle in both your hip and Knee
2)Place your right hand on the outside of your bend knee, at the same time extend your left arm and look towards it
3) Now gently pull your left knee over your straight leg, while keeping your shoulders flat on the floor. Essentially your are trying to rotate your lower body and upper body in opposite direction
4) return to starting position and repeat on other side

Round 1 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Wood Chop

This exercise is designed to increase the core strength and the power in your golf swing

How to do it

1) Face sideways to a cable column with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, about 70% of your weight is placed on the foot that is closest to the machine
2) Grasp High Pulley handle with hand furthest from cable column and place other hand on top
3) draw belly button in towards spine
4) Shift your weight to the other leg and simultaneously pull the handle diagonally towards your the far-away leg.

Bend Over Row

This is an exercise designed to improve the strength of your core and back as well as to improve shoulder stability. You can modify the exercise by using a bar or cable if your are struggling to maintain form

How to do it

1) Assume a "shortstop" position - Straight arms, knees bend and palms resting on knees
2)Pick up dumbbells and gently draw belly button in towards the spine
3) Raise dumbbells to the side, just below nipple height
4) Slowly return the dumbbells to the starting position and repeat.

Hamstring Curls with Swiss Ball

This is an exercise designed to improve strength and stability in your hips and core

How to do it

1) Lie on back, stretch arms out on ground, palm-side up, and put calves on top of Swiss ball
2) Slowly raise hips off ground until ankle, hip and shoulder create a straight line
3) Keeping your hips in line with shoulders and feet, slowly bend knees and roll ball towards body. Do not let the hips drop to the floor
4) When you have rolled the ball as far as possible while keeping the hips up, slowly straighten the legs again and repeat

Round 2 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Prone Bridge with Swis Ball

This is a very difficult exercise. Try to start with your toes still on the floor and progress by having your feet of the floor.

How to do it

1) Stand in push up position and squeeze a swiss ball between your shins
2) Once in position, hold body in good alignment with natural curve in lower back and head & Neck in line with the rest of the spine 3) gently draw belly button in towards spine without changing the curve in the lower back.
4) When you feel balanced, take one hand off floor. Hold as long as possible, then switch hands

External Shoulder Rotations

This is an exercise designed to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles

How to do it

1) Adjust handle height to around waist height
2) Standing sideways with shoulder-width stance and good upright posture, grasp handle with hand furthest from column
3) Keep elbow firmly against side and pull cable across body. The cable should be roughly parallel to floor.

Lateral Shoulder Rotations

An exercise to improve the strength in your shoulder and Triceps

How to do it

1) Stand sideways with good upright posture. Using the arm furthest away from the machine, grasp the handle
2) Extend your arm in a quick motion away from your body in a 45 degree angle.
3) Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

End of workout

Dont forget to stretch and cool-down

Phase 4: Golf

In the final phase of our golf program we will be using all the techniques we learned prior and continue to focus on our strength

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