Prone Cobra

Prone Cobra The prone cobra is an exercise designed to strengthen the lower mid back muscles https://youtu.be/2Z7uGBbsvf8 Movements Shoulder: extensionScapula:RetractionElbowextension Muscles Latissimus Dorsi Posterior Deltoid  Trapezius Rhomboids Erector spinae Close gripWide grip The prone cobra is a key exercise to improve and maintain posture. It is basically the opposite of the plank. Training the back extensors …

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Dead Bug

Dead Bug The Dead Bug is an exercise designed to strenghten the core muscles https://youtu.be/UR_lWjVpfAM Movements Shoulder: extension/FlexionHipsFlexion/extensionKneeFlexion/extension Muscles Core muscles Hip Flexors Close gripWide grip The Dead Bug is a great exercise to activate the core, especially if you are having trouble with the plank. There are a fair few varieties you can do with …

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Dumbbell Pull-Over The dummbbell pull over is an exercise designed to strenghten the core and increase mobility in the shoulders https://youtu.be/Lp7kpzO4V5Q Movements Shoulder: extension/Flexion Muscles pectoralis major and minor  Latissimus dorsi Teres Major Abdominals Triceps Close gripWide grip The dumbbell pull-over is a great exercise that should be include with most of your training routines. It …

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