Push ups

Push Ups The push up is an exercise designed to strenghten the core and chest  and arm muscles https://youtu.be/IODxDxX7oi4 Movements Shoulder: extension/FlexionScapula:Retraction/protractionElbowFlexion/extension Muscles Triceps and Anconeus Anterior deltoid Coracobrachialis, biceps   Pectoralis major & minor Serratus anterior  Close gripWide grip The push up is one of the oldest upper-body strength-training exercises available. It is great because …

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upright row

Upright Row The Upright Row is an exercise designed to strenghten the shoulder and upper back muscles Movements Shoulder: abduction Scapula: Retraction Elbow Flexion Muscles Supraspinatus  Deltoid Trapezius Rhomboids Biceps Brachii Close gripWide grip The upright row can be a dangerous exercise if not performed properly. The biggest risk is with people that have rounded …

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external Rotations

External Rotations The external roration is an exercise designed to strenghten the rotator cuff muscles https://youtu.be/-NA8lUy5_Qc Movements Shoulder: external rotation Scapula:RetractionElbowFlexion Muscles Rotator cuff muscles Supraspinatus muscle Infraspinatus muscle Teres minor muscle Subscapularis muscle Close gripWide grip The External Rotation is one of the best exercises to strengthen the shoulder stabilizers (Rotator cuff). The easiest to do …

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