Back and Core Focus

Round 1

Perform each of the exercises for 12-15 reps each

Demonstration of the seated row

Seated Row

The seated row is designed to strengthen the upper back.

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Pull over exercise demonstration


The pull over is an exercise designed to increase mobility in the shoulders

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Squat demonstration

Body weight Squat

The squat is an exercise designed to strengthen the legs

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End Round 1, Rest 60 seconds and Repeat 2 more times

Cardio Challenge

Treadmill: 1 km --- Rower: 500 M --- Treadmill: 1 km

Round 2

Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds

Prone Cobra Demonstration

Prone Cobra

The Cobra is an exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles

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Reverse Crunches

The reverse crunch is an exercise designed to train the stomach muscles

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Cardio Challenge

1 km on the bike as fast as possible

End of Round 3, rest 45 seconds and repeat 2 more times

End of workout, time to stretch