Cable leg raise (Start)

I earn my beer one crunch at a time

The unusual ab workout.

I was looking for a nice abdominal routine to do today and I know there are plenty of ab-exercises out there on the net but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I wanted to be challenged and all these standard sit-ups and crunches just weren’t going to do it for me today.

That why today I did my ab-session a little bit different and for your amusement I took some pictures. Now these core-exercises aren’t for everyone, most of them are quite hard and probably a bit strange at the same time.
That’s why I call this workout the unusual Ab workout.. So I hope you are ready to rip into it and earn your beers one crunch at a time.This abdominal circuit consists of  5 exercises of 10 reps,  followed by 30 seconds skipping and the goal is to do it 6 times in a row.So here we go
Ab exercise 1

The Cable Woodchop (start)

Ab-exercise 2

The cable woodchop (finish)


Exercise 1: The Cable woodchop

This is a great exercise to train the obliques, TVA and general core. Start of by holding on to the handle of the cable machine (outside hand first, inside hand on top). Your inside knee is bend at the start. With straight arms, pull the cable diagonally to your outside knee, bending that knee as you get closer. It is important to keep the hips locked in with the trunk. In other words: your hip and chest are always pointing in the same direction. Also keep your weight on the heels of your foot by pushing your butt back.





Swissball Crunch

swissball crunch from bench (start)

swissball crunch

Swissball Crunch from bench (Finish)


Exercise 2: The swissball crunch

This is an awesome exercise for the upper-part of your abdominals. The hyper-extension provides you with that extra bit of range of motion to hit yours abs twice as hard. To do this exercise you will need a steady bench cause a light bench tends to slide away.

Make sure that the ball is supporting your lower back and that you push your butt into the ball as you crunch up.







Bosu oblique crunch (Start)

Bosu oblique crunch (Start)

Bosu oblique crunch

Bosu oblique crunch (Finish)



Exercise 3: The Bosu Oblique crunch

This is a great exercise for your obliques. To do this exercise you will need a bosu and a step and a weight if you are feeling hardcore. Lay down on the bosu with your side.

Bent your bottom leg for stability. You can use your hand to support your neck. Now touch touch the floor with your elbow and reach for the sky….Oh yeah…feel the burn……








Advanced swissball roll out (Start)

Advanced swissball roll out (Start)

Advanced swissball Roll out

Advanced swissball roll-out (Finish)


Exercise 4: Advanced Swissball Roll out.

This is a beautiful exercise to train the abs isometric. The idea behind the exercise is to shorten the abs to support the spine and than increase the tension by rolling the ball forward.
With this exercise you are better of keeping your butt to high than to low. If you are feeling it in your back, you are most likely tilting your hips and hanging in the spine. So make sure you pull hips to your chest and that you push your lower back up. Google “pelvic Tilt exercises” If you’re struggling with this






Cable leg raise (Start)

Cable leg raise (Start)

Cable leg raise (Finish)

Cable leg raise (Finish)


Exercise 5: Cable leg raises

The last exercise in the unusual Ab workout will focus on the lower abdominals.
In order to this exercise you will need 2 ankle straps to attach yourself to the cable.
Again it is important that you don’t curl through the lower back, so push your back firmly into the bench and be careful that you don’t put to much weight on the cable.
You can start this exercise with straight legs and when fatigue gets the best of you simple bend your knees to make it a bit lighter. Also do not lower your leg to low. The lower you go, the more likely it is that you will tilt your hips and that is not what you want.

So this is it folks, my unusual ab-workout. I hope you liked it.

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