Walk lunges final

Walk lunges

Walk Lunges

The Walk Lunges are an exercise designed to strengthen the leg muscles


Plantar Flexion/ Dorsi Flexion

The Walk Lunges are a great exercise to stimulate mobility  and strength in the legs. They tend to be less strenuous than step lunges or stationary lunges. Mainly because the movement creates a forward momentum and your body weight rotates between your two legs.Walking lunges are a great way to increase unilateral coordination, balance, and muscular symmetry 

How to do it

  •  Start by taking a big step forward approximately 1 ½ times natural stride length.and pressing your front foot into the floor.
    (Quite often people will put to much weight on their back leg)
  • Push your chest up and draw in your tummy with 30% effort. Step forward
  • Lower yourself straight down keeping your front knee behind your toes.
  • Coming down there should be approximately a 90 degree angle at the back of both knees. Your back heel should come off the ground.
  • From the bottom position push forward and up, bring your back leg through as you step forward.

Exercise Tips:

  1. Keep your head and chest upright with your hips level and forward facing during the
    whole movement
  2. Concentrate on your front leg and just balance with the back one

Alternative Exercises

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