Phase 1

Warm Up

Foot and Ankle Warm Up

Ankle rotations warm the ankle joints in preparations for driving the ball and performing technical shots from the rough. Warming the ankle joints is particularly important for the golfer who may have a stiff back, hips or shoulders, as these limitations will result in excessive motion at the ankles to compensate. If your ankles are not warm, you may not only injure your ankle but also your foot


1: Standing with feet shoulder width apart, place hands on hips and begin to shift weight left and right
2: As you shift left, let arch of left foot get big and allow foot to roll so weight is on outside edge of left foot and inside edge of right foot
3: Alternate side to side, letting ankles rotate and feet transfer weight from the inside of the feet to the outside
4: Repeat at least 10 times each side

Neck Side Flexor Stretch

It is important to maintain flexibility through your neck ob shoulders for an optimal swing.
To test your neck side flexion, Stand in front of a mirror and slowly tip your head to the side, bringing your ear to your shoulder.
Imagine pouring water out of your ear onto your shoulder
With a good flexibilty you should be able to tilt your head 25 to 40 degrees

To stretch

1: Sit with good upright posture. Grab Chair with anchor hand to create gentle tension in shoulder and neck
2:Place opposite hand over head and onto ear
Gently move head away from anchored hand until a slight stretch is felt in the neck
3: Breath in. Gently press head into hand and at the same time press hand gently against head; Head will not actually move
4: Relax and repeat

Round 1 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Walk Lunge with Twist

An exercise performed with a medicine ball to increase body strength in the legs and improve core stability and shoulder flexibility

How to do it

1) Stand in upright position holding a medicine ball on the right side
2) Inhale and draw belly button in towards the spine
3) Step into lunge position with left leg while simultaneously lifting MB up over head in an arc. The medicine ball should reach your left hip as you reach the bottom of the lunge.
4) Repeat with other side

Single Arm Swiss Ball Dumbbell Press

This is an exercise for core and shoulder stability

Start with a light dumbbell until comfortable performing the exercise. Gradually increase weight until you can perform the desired number of reps

How to do it

1) Sit on a swiss ball holding dumbbell resting on thigh. Slowly roll down until head and shoulder blades are comfortably supported by the ball. Left hips parallel to floor and bring dumbbell to shoulder
2) Gently draw bellybutton in towards spine
3) Push dumbbell straight up towards the ceiling and slowly lower it back to staring position

Forward Ball Roll

This is an exercise to improve the core strength even further

How to do it

1) Kneel on a comfortable surface, with forearms on swiss ball and palms facing one another. There should be a 90 degree angle at hip and shoulder
2) Inhale and gently draw belly button in towards spine, try to keep a natural curve and try to avoid to sag or round the back
3) Slowly roll forward, moving from hips and shoulders at same time.
4) Take 3 seconds to roll out, stopping and correcting yourself as you lose form
5) Hold the end posistion for 3 seconds, then return to starting posisition in 3 seconds

Round 2 of exercises (perform 3-4 times)

Medicine Ball reverse wood chop

An exercise to condition shoulders and core to improve your swing

How to do it

1) Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width and fold a medicine ball in both hands
2) Squat down with 70% of weight over left leg and rotate upper torso so that the ball is being held outside left knee. Keep a neutral curve in lower back and chest held high.
3) Draw in belly button towards the spine, then quickly lift the ball diagonally across the body.
4) End up with arms fully extended outside right shoulder

Hip extension- Feet on Ball

And exercise to increase strength in the glutes and back extensors.
You can progress this exercise by moving the ball further and by folding your arms across your chest

How to do it

1) Lying on back, strecth out arm on ground, palms-side up and put calves on top of the swiss-ball
2)Slowly raise your hips of the ground in 3 seconds until your ankle hip and shoulder form a straight line.
3)Hold at the top for 3 seconds, the lower yourself back to the starting position in 3 seconds. One compete rep take a total of 9 seconds

Standing single Arm Shoulder Press

And exercise to increase strength in the shoulders and core

How to do it

1) Stand in front of a mirror with correct posture and belly button pulled in
2) Hold the dumbbell at shoulder, Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and press the dumbbell up over your head, keeping your body centered and straight.
3) release breath through pursed lips and slowly lower the weight back to starting position

End of workout

Dont forget to stretch and cool-down

Phase 4: Golf

In the final phase of our golf program we will be using all the techniques we learned prior and continue to focus on our strength

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