Week 2: Gut Health

This weeks Guide

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Home workouts

Gym Workouts


Monday workout week 2

Willpower is Like a Muscle! The More You Train It, The Stronger It Gets! So lets try this with today’s workout

Bring it on

Foodie Challenge: Conquer the Spice Rack!

What better way to start your week than a healthy challenge. Are you up for it ?

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Your Breakfast

Granola yoghurt delight

This recipe is like waking up to a summer breeze. Fresh, delish and healthy. what more do you want ?

How to make it

Your Lunch

White Bean Feta Feast

A fresh Summer Salad perfect for Lunch

How to make it

Your Dinner

Falafel balls with greek yoghurt

An easy and delicious falafel recipe. Made with protein-packed chickpeas and served with a creamy Greek yoghurt sauce for a satisfying meal!

How to make it

Your inspiration

The “REACH” Method

How long does it take to create a habit ? It’s a question researchers have been trying to answer for years.

But … what if that’s the WRONG QUESTION?

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Should doctors prescribe exercise?

We, as a society, all know the dangers of living unhealthy and the benefits of exercising. We all know that exercise makes you feel and look better. But for some reason “hitting the gym” still doesn’t rank very high on our totem-pole of priorities.

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