Week 3


Your Workouts


Friday workout Week 3

Working Out is Your Drug! Get Addicted!
Here is another Butt-Kick Workout for you to enjoy

Bring it on

Your Breakfast

Power oatmeal

This oatmeal is packing a powerful ingredient – protein. Mix a scoop of your favorite protein powder into your oatmeal to transform it into a quick and healthy breakfast.

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Your Lunch

Broccoli Salad

This Broccoli Salad will pack you lunch with nutrients and taste

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Your Dinner

Beef and Avocado Tortillas

Lets be honest,you can’t really go wrong with tortillas.

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Your inspiration

Should doctors prescribe exercise?

We, as a society, all know the dangers of living unhealthy and the benefits of exercising. We all know that exercise makes you feel and look better. But for some reason “hitting the gym” still doesn’t rank very high on our totem-pole of priorities.

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Does training Harder make you live Longer

We all pretty much know that exercise has some amazing effect on our health.That should not come as a surprise. But how long and how hard do I have to train to get the best bang for my buck?

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