Week 3


Your Workouts

Wednesday Workout week 3

You Will Regret Eating That Cookie, But You Will Not Regret Running That Mile!
Here is your Hump Day Workout

Bring it on

Your Breakfast

Gourmet Muesli

This 5 minute recipe is the perfect start of a busy day

This is how you make it →

Your Lunch

pumpkin spinach toastie

Transform your sandwich into this amazing nutrient booster

This is how you make it →

Your Dinner

Spicy Crockpot Shredded Chicken

This is a meal prep classic. You’ll have lots of chicken for your weekday lunches and dinners!

This is how you make it →

Your inspiration

exercise and diabetes

Losing weight is a great reason to exercise but did you know it can also help to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes.

Read all about it →

The “REACH” Method

How long does it take to create a habit ? It’s a question researchers have been trying to answer for years.

But … what if that’s the WRONG QUESTION?

Read all about it →
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