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Welcome to your first task on your To Do List.

Our goal is to get you as fit and healthy as we possibly can.
However we can’t do this alone

We need your help !

You are the captain of this ship and you control how fast you want to reach your destination.
We just show you what steps to take.

Here is how it works

We focus on 1 subject at a time and break this down in easy to follow steps.
The subjects that we do are called MODULES. The modules focus on one area of your health and well-being that we want to improve on. This could be mindset, nutrition, strength, core or any of the many other areas that help us get the most out of life. 

The steps that you take to complete the modules are called TASKS.

Tasks or 1-off actions you take to progress in your health journey. Tasks are divided into:

  • Mindset: These tasks help you to get into the right mindset.
  • Nutrition: These task will teach you how to fuel your body for optimum performance
  • Workout: These are special one of workouts that will keep your routine interesting and motivating

Once you have completed the task, you can mark the task as complete and it will disappear.

This way you always know where you left off (just like your favorite Netflix show).

Of course we don’t want everything to disappear, some things are simply to good to throw away. For example our amazing workouts. 
We all know that one workout is not going to do much, even though we all wish it would.
So your workouts aren’t going anywhere

That is why we have organized them under a menu link called “Pages”
The pages that you create are the foundation of your fitness. The more modules you complete, the more workouts you collect.

The beauty is that you can make notes with each exercise you do, so if that exercise comes back in a different workout. you know straight away what you did last time you did the exercise.

 As you can see, we got you covered.

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