We have arrived at the third week already. Time to celebrate the healthy way .
With a whole bunch of healthy recipes to choose from, it is now time to spread the love and host a dinner party.
You can do this for family or even better invite some friends over and reconnect. Pretend that you are a masterchef  and ask yourself; what textures do I detect in this meal, what flavours can I taste ?
So many of us forget to enjoy our food and simply scuffle it down in front of the tv.
This will cause you to eat more and quite often to less healthy.  Remember that food is something we should enjoy, even when it is healthy.

Here are a few tips for a good party:

The key to a nice dinner is ambiance.

What’s the point of hoarding pretty plates, serviettes and wine glasses if you never use them? Use your dinner party as an opportunity to bring out the Martha Stewart within.
Try to pick some flowers on your walk this week and bring the peace of nature into your home. You can also light some candles. However, forgo scented flowers or candles for those without a smell, as to not interrupt the taste of the food. 
The goal is to stay away from the tv and really enjoy each others company.

It is alright to have some cheese but keep it to a minimum.

By limiting the amount of cheese on the platter, you can ensure your guests are still hungry for dinner. As any guest knows, the worst part about any meal is getting too full to enjoy the whole thing. Instead, opt for two to three cheeses, a fruit paste and some nuts for snacking on before the main affair. If you want to have more of a selection, halve the cheese portions and save the rest.

Have everything cooked before guests are set to arrive

It seems like a no brainer, but ensuring everything is cooked before you welcome the first guest will save you a lot of hassle. Make a point to start earlier rather than later, and serve dishes that don’t need minute attention to detail or last minute cooking. Popping something in the oven to warm up before you eat is much easier than dicing vegetables while six of your friends enjoy the cheese board.

 Your guests will be seriously impressed.

Exercise Part

We have added even more exercise routines this week.
You can find the workout by signing in to the member section of our website.

From here on in you will find a greater selection of exercise routines.  If you find that a routine is to hard, return to the previous routine until you are ready to move up.

If you struggle with an exercise you can contact us using the message center.

Continue with your walking, trying to reach 10.000 steps a day and have a total of 3 workouts this week to build up your strength.
So in total you should have 7 walking days and 3 workout days this week.

This weeks 2 minute challenge:
(please flip your phone sideways if you can’t see the video properly)

Nutrition Part

This week is all about getting prepared. The goal for this week is to be prepared enough to do a full day out of your meal plan. Just like your dinner party, it is all about being organised. Prepare what you can the day before so that there is minimal effort left on the day itself.
The best part of prep-work is that it takes the stress away for later. However it is not only how we eat that influences our stress levels. It is what we eat as well. Have a read through this interesting article that Adele wrote regarding Probiotics and how it can influence our mood and stress levels.

Happyness Part

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a way to have a more helpful relationship with thinking, to recognise when your thoughts are unhelpfully dragging you down. Mindfulness is about living in the moment and not getting stuck on past or future events. Sometimes we are so focused on the next thing that we forget to enjoy where we are at right now.

Tips for Mindfulness:

Create a habit so that mindfulness comes a little easier.

Set a timer on your phone with a special ring tone, each time you here this just pause for a moment think about where you are, what you are doing and what you are thinking.

Do things differently to experience a different result. Take a new route home, try a new recipe etc.

Make a small commitment it only needs to be 5 seconds at a time throughout your day.

Meditate: Meditation is making time for ourselves to be calm and clear minded it does not have to be for long but will help you be more mindful more regularly.

Colouring In: The new adult colouring in books are popular now because we understand that sometimes we need to still our minds and focus on something right in front of us.

Get everyone involved: We all know that when we have the support of our nearest and dearest we have a better success rate, so aim to get the whole family to be more mindful.