Week 4


Release your inner child

Before we start with this session, I want you to visualize your goal.

Are you still driven to achieve this?
We are almost a month in already. Do you start to feel younger ?

If not than this session will help you because we are going to release your inner child.
The goal of this week is to have fun with your health and fitness. This can be done in all sort of ways.
Here are a few examples:

Play some games with your kids, grand kinds, nephews or some random kid down the street….actually….don’t do that last one…that would be creepy….but you get the idea.
You can always play some sport ofcourse, kick the footy or play some tennis but you can come up with your own game as well.
A game that my son likes to play is Hide & Seek Chase Down. Which is pretty much the same as Hide & Seek but once the seeker has found you, he or she will have to catch you as well. As soon as the seeker has caught you, you can help catch the next one.

You can download an app called Zombie Run,  It will make your run into an adventure by using audio stories.

Or you can simply be creative with your own workout. Like we did in this 2 minute challenge:

Make protein balls This super healthy and easy to make snack is like playdoh, you can role it in any shape you like.
>>Have a look at this link for 44 different protein ball recipes<<

Be creative and take some pictures so you can show us how you have released your inner child today

The exercise part

We have added even more exercise routines this week.

You can find the workout by signing in to the member section of our website.

From here on in you will find a greater selection of exercise routines.  If you find that a routine is to hard, return to the previous routine until you are ready to move up.

If you struggle with an exercise you can contact us using the message center.

Continue with your walking, trying to reach 10.000 steps a day and have a total of 3 workouts this week to build up your strength.
So in total you should have 7 walking days and 3 workout days this week.

Here is this weeks 2 minute challenge:
(please flip your phone sideways if you can’t see the video properly)

The Nutrition Part

Quite often we associate bad food and drinks with a good time. On parties and public holidays we tend to bring out the sausage rolls and beers because it is easy and they taste good. The problem is that this can add up really quickly, a few classes of wine with some pizza & chips on the weekend can add up really quickly.  It doesn’t take long to consume an extra 1000 calories while having a good time. This is enough to cancel out 3 to 4 of your workouts that you have done that week. We are not saying that you shouldn’t party. All we are saying is keep it in balance, find some low calorie snacks that you can snack on, drink plenty of water with your alcohol and try to have mainly protein for your choice of food. (eat the sausage but not the white bread that comes with it)
These little tricks can make a massive difference.

If you want to find out more on how Adele managed to lose 25kg with her own transformation have a read down >> here <<

The Happyness Part

Reconnect with joy

Rediscover the joy of life. Remember when you were a child and everything you did, and saw was exciting? It’s time to rediscover that feeling.

Actively seek out the awe in the world each and every day.

Reignite the spark in others by being happy, tell others how much they mean to you act from the heart take a leap into fun try new things and remember the joy of just being in our environment. Remember as a kid how you didn’t care if your feet were wet? All you cared about was the joy of jumping in that puddle.

Be silly and creative.

Be a pop star for a day and sing all the songs in your head, dance to your favourite tunes dancing creates joy from nothing.

Discover your inner rebel

Get rebellious when negative thoughts intrude, say “stuff that!” and “why can’t I?” stamp your foot and send those negative thoughts on their way, kids don’t put themselves down and neither should you.

Get cheeky and go for what you want, even if it’s outrageous you’ll be surprised how often taking a leap will get you what you want.

Rediscover your inner super hero

Children believe they have super powers and they are right. Recognise that everything you need is already within you. You have talent, you have knowledge, you have strength, you have intuition, let go of doubt and embrace your inner superhero.

Grow your confidence and self-belief by seeing yourself as more capable and more in control. You will be amazed by the results. Use your imagination to help design your dream life, you are the heroine/ hero be your own champion in every battle for your happiness.

Rediscover your child like bliss, being an adult, all the time can be exhausting let your inner child bloom and let love, life and laughter back into your life. Bound out of bed in the morning eager to see what magic life has to throw at you today.

Activities that can bring joy:

  • Writing a letter to a friend and send in the post
  • Sing
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Laugh
  • Volunteer
  • Read a novel
  • Exercise
  • Smile
  • Try something new
  • Take up yoga
  • Have more sex
  • Soak up the sun
  • Spend time with your dog
  • Take a warm bath
  • Create something artistic
  • Let go of anger
  • Keep a journal
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Meditate
  • Make more time for yourself
  • Dance
  • Go outside