Your homework (out)

Today I present to you…..the  ideal workout for time pressured people. No more excuses that you couldn’t find time to go to the gym or have no workout equipment. All you need for this workout is a couch and can simply be done in the commercials of your favorite tv-show. Try to do 1 set of 12 reps for each exercise and you’ll be back in shape in no time.

 The Couch Squat.


To do this exercise we stand up tall with our feet shoulder with apart. I have placed my arms at shoulder height with my hands on my elbows.
I have done this to make sure I will keep a correct posture during the repetitions.  From standing position we just have to sit down on the couch, without actually sitting down. So right before my butt hits the comfortable cushions, I move up again. During this movement I’m keep my elbows at shoulder height and moving my knees over my second and third toe without moving my knees to much forward.

The Lounge Lunge

lungeSingle leg lunge

The lounge lunge is king of all exercises with the ability to create strong stable knees, ankles and hips as well as a butt that can crack walnuts.

Start with one foot on the floor and one on the couch. Create a strong core by pulling your chest up, shoulder back, bellybutton in and pelvic floor tight.
From this position we will move our knee towards the floor keeping our trunk upright. Focus all your energy on your front leg. The knee should be still and not moving too much over your toes. Repeat 12 times and before changing legs.

The Couch Dipper.


The couch dipper is here to shape your arms.  Lets face it we all do plenty of arm bending (every time we lift something) but we hardly extend our arms.
It is for this reason that we will focus on the much under-appreciated triceps’ muscles

To do this exercise we start by placing our hands on the couch and moving our bum slightly forwards so it hanging in the air. This is your starting position.
Now bend your arms as if your dipping your butt in a pool of honey. Than you simply extend your arms again to move back to your starting position.

The Seat Sniffer

push uppush up

This exercise will train your abdominals, shoulders, arms and chest. In other words: it is a beauty of an exercise.

You start in push up position, which sounds easy but is in fact harder than it looks. The trick is to keep your butt low without hanging into the spine. To do this you will need to tighten your abs as if your life depends on it. Try to keep a straight line between your ankles and your shoulders. Your hands are bit wider than shoulder with apart, fingers pointing forward. This is a position that can be hard to hold. So you might need to train this first before you can start the sniffing.  Try holding it for 30 seconds first and only when you’re capable of doing this you can lightly bend and extend your arm.
The stronger you will get the more you can lower yourself.

Enjoy your workout

4 thoughts on “Your homework (out)”

  1. No more excuses, I can use iPad , check emails and watch parenthood and then don these exercises in the adverts – got to love multi tasking!

  2. Hi Ciara,
    3 to 4 times a week keeping in mind that you will have to listen to your body.
    It is good to have at least 2 rest days a week on which you can do your walks.
    good luck

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